After much prayer and consideration, my friends and family agree that I should seek re-election in November 2018 to serve District 1 on the Board of Education.

It has been an honor to serve the past two years as we have seen a marked improvement in overall educational achievement. Our graduation rates continue to top the state rate and our three high schools collectively have increased the graduation rate by 6 percentage points in the last 4 years!!!
We are headed in the right direction.

As a school system we aren’t where we want to be yet, but we are pointed in the right direction. I feel like there is much work to be done, and I would appreciate another term to work toward achieving some of the goals I see as important.

I believe strongly that public education works best when led at a LOCAL level (not by State mandates and Federal bureacracy). The citizens of the county should choose their leaders and hold them accountable to see that the next generation is educated appropriately and that their local tax dollars are put to good use. I do NOT want a lawmaker from another part of the state making decisions about my child’s education or where my money should go. I will help put the “Local” back in local public education.

I believe in FOCUSED LEADERSHIP where Board members TRUST the Superintendent to lead the central office staff and school administrators. Then the school administrators trust the teachers, the “boots on the ground”, to make great decisions and discern best practices for the students in their classrooms. “Let the teachers teach” is a banner I will continue to wave. This approach takes FOCUSED LEADERSHIP.

I will fight for LESS standardized TESTING. Let’s face it, testing has been a joke the past few years. There have been too many tests. Inaccurate tests. And a complete failure in the Georgia Department of Education’s administration, grading, and reporting of the Georgia Milestones. I will be a voice for LESS TESTING. With Governor Deal signing Senate Bill 364 into law in May 2016, the number of tests required of Georgia students has lessened. But we have more work to be done. I will fight to continue to lower the number of tests our students are subjected to.

I will champion the cause of STUDENT SAFETY. There have been too many school shootings and overall violence in our nation’s schools. Something must be done. We will continue to look for solutions to these issues and ask for the appropriate funding to make our schools SAFER.

And with over 70% of our student population participating in the Free or Reduced Lunch program, we realize that POVERTY is taking its toll on our community. The effects of generational and situational poverty are felt throughout our schools. While the solution to this problem is not for the school system to answer alone, we have committed to leading a community effort to ERADICATE POVERTY in Newton County.

As a lifelong resident of Newton County, child of a retired teacher, husband to a successful educator for 22 years, and father to three kids in public school…I believe that I can serve this community to the fullest, with heart and soul.
I am not seeking to be a politician; I am seeking to make a difference for our kids.
Cut me and I bleed Newton County.

District 1, I would appreciate your consideration, your support, your prayers, and your vote in November.