Trey Bailey BOE-2016I am committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of the students of Newton County.

Below are some key items and initiatives that I will be fighting for.


I endeavor to put the “LOCAL” back in LOCAL EDUCATION. Education should remain LOCAL. I believe that education decisions are made best at the closest level to the student. Therefore, as many decisions that can be made in the classroom, the better. Direction, training and support come from the Central Office, and the Board sets policy and advocates for the system. The less the state of Georgia is involved, the better. And there should be no reason the Federal Government meddles in local education at all. There is no room for bureaucracy in local education. Decisions should always be made with the best interest of the students in mind, not curriculum companies or special interest groups.


I promise to champion the shift in the Newton County School System’s CULTURE from one of a system of silos to a unified ONE NEWTON. From my perspective I’ve seen a little bit of tension between departments. At times it feels like we aren’t all willingly moving in the same direction and toward the same goal. I believe we can change this silo mentality and become more unified as a team. ONE NEWTON! I’d like to see all the departments working together to accomplish the vision and mission of our school system and the end result being an environment where students and teachers can’t wait to get into the classroom everyday. The school environment should be one where teachers feel supported and encouraged in their priceless work of educating children who are excited to be there.


I believe in FOCUSED LEADERSHIP where Board members give direction and leadership to the Superintendent, then TRUST the Superintendent to lead the central office staff and school administrators. It would then be the primary purpose of administrators who are trained and well-resourced to lead and support the teachers in their school buildings. This kind of focused leadership will win back the trust of teachers in the administration and make Newton County School Systems a place where the BEST educators from all over the state will want to work. With FOCUSED LEADERSHIP, TRUST and growing UNITY, the citizens of Newton County will begin to believe and trust in the LOCAL public education system again.


Let’s face it, testing has been a joke the past few years. There have been too many tests. Inaccurate tests. And a complete failure in the Georgia Department of Education’s administration, grading, and reporting of the Georgia Milestones. I will be a voice for LESS TESTING. With Governor Deal signing Senate Bill 364 into law in May 2016, the number of tests required of Georgia students has lessened. But we have more work to be done. I will fight to continue to lower the number of tests our students are subjected to.
Again, I am committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of the students of Newton County.

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